Terrifying Footage Shows Mammoth Lizard Destroying Supermarket

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Terrifying Footage Shows Mammoth Lizard Destroying SupermarketNewsflare

‘Giant lizard destroys supermarket’ could easily be a plot point of a monster movie, but in this particular instance it’s actually a factual description of an unexpected event that unfolded recently in Thailand.

Admittedly it is a little hard to believe, and with Godzilla vs. Kong having recently been released you might be thinking that it’s actually just a story spun for promotion. Thankfully there’s footage to prove it – though if it does turn out to be a sneaky form of promo, the movie’s advertising team deserves a medal for its dedication.


The terrifying scene unfolded at a 7 Eleven supermarket in Thailand, where the lizard decided to wreak havoc by scaling the shelves, causing products to scatter across the floor in the process.

Check it out below:


Shared by the Thai travel agency Mundo Nomada, the video shows how the Asian water monitor lizard finally comes to rest on the top shelf, where it looks out over the store and flicks its tongue in and out.


In a follow-up tweet, Mundo Nomada explained that monitor lizards are ‘scavenger reptiles’ that are commonly found in Bangkok and other parts of the country. The scaly beasts are often eat carrion – the decaying flesh of dead animals – and their name is apparently used by Thai people as an insult.

Though monitor lizards aren’t that rare, the customers in the 7 Eleven clearly weren’t anticipating having to share the shop with one as they could be heard exclaiming in the background of the video.


The shoppers weren’t the only ones who were surprised – which is understandable considering you don’t often cross paths with any animals while stocking up on snacks, let alone giant lizards. As a result, the video has racked up more than 300,000 views as well as thousands of likes and comments from baffled social media users.


One Twitter user joked that the lizard had climbed the shelves purely because it couldn’t reach the product it had set its sights on, writing, ‘Should have just waited and asked an employee to reach the high shelf smh.’

Another responded, ‘Would Mr Lizard please go to aisle one. That’s Mr Lizard with a stepladder please go to aisle one. Thank You.’


At a time when shopping is all about wearing a mask, avoiding social contact and just getting in and out, throwing a giant lizard into the mix certainly adds a dash of excitement to the situation.

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