Terrifying Moment Family Dog Turns On Toddler


Horrifying CCTV footage captured the moment a Rottweiler launched itself at a three-year-old boy and savaged him to the ground. 

The tiny tot, Marco Slabbert, was playing at his home in Hennenman, South Africa, with the family pet when out of the blue it springs up and knocks him to the floor.

The family’s security camera filmed the terrifying moment the dog lunged at the poor boy and starts biting his arms and legs, the Daily Mail reports.

Little Marco can be seen frantically kicking and lashing out trying to get the overpowering canine off him.

Thankfully, a woman rushes out and manages to stop the dog from tearing the boy apart completely, however he did sustain injuries to his head and hand.

Francois Slabbert, the boy’s father, took drastic action to prevent the horrendous incident from happening again – shooting the dog.


He said:

It wasn’t out of anger or revenge, but to protect the other people on my property.

Nobody knows if the Rottweiler would have attacked someone again. When a dog has attacked someone the chances are good that he will do it again.


His son was treated in hospital and released the next day.

The relieved dad said:

He’s running around again and getting up to mischief.

Here’s the full horrific footage of the attack:


Hopefully the incident serves as a valuable lesson to all dog owners on the need to responsibly train their animals, but also themselves on how to raise an animal so that it trusts those it comes into contact with.