Terrifying Moment Panther Leaps At Man And There’s No Glass To Protect Him



You’d think after the number of viral videos we’d seen recently that it’d be common knowledge not to turn your back on a big cat, but apparently not. 

In new terrifying footage, we see a panther creeping up on a man to attack while his back is turned, and there’s no glass to protect him, The Mirror reports.

In the video, the big cat eyes up its prey before slowly creeping towards the man, who’s turned his back away from the beast and is facing the camera.


Just as the panther is about to jump on its unwitting prey though, the man turns and backs away as the panther leaps.

Thankfully, it seems the animal isn’t hungry, instead it’s just feeling playful and the two have a mock fight, with the big cat even giving the man a kitty kiss.

Hilariously though, the surprisingly bashful panther at first bats the blokes face away, before finally giving in to temptation and licking at the man’s lips.


The man then sends the panther on its way with a pat on the back and it goes for a lie down in the grass.

The footage has been viewed more than 8.2 million times and was uploaded to Facebook by The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation in Mexico.

The guy deserves a round of a-paws for feline so brave! I’ll see myself out…