Terrifying Ways Creatures Are Evolving Just To F*ck With Us

by : UNILAD on : 08 Oct 2016 09:32

Mother Nature is out to get us.


Between ants and birds taking over our technology to two of the most feared species of bear breeding, the world is making one thing clear: evolution is out to screw us.

Here’s how.

Crazy ants will take over our technology.


It may sound like an old black-and-white horror movie – a hoard of ants invading the world – but it’s happening. Tawny crazy ants, known scientifically as Nylanderia fulva, are marching into territories once dominated by fire ants – and they’re not very good neighbours.

These crazy ants multiply fast, and that wouldn’t be a problem if they didn’t absolutely destroy all the technological feats of man.

Some experts suspect they’re attracted to electricity itself while others believe the small spaces in sockets offer a good hiding spot for an ant species that isn’t capable of building burrows of its own, Cracked reports. Either way, whether it’s a simple power outlet in your home or chemical plant machinery, these ants are here to fuck it up.

Rattlesnakes will sneak up on us without warning.


The genetic purpose of a rattlesnake’s rattle is to scare away larger animals, so at least they give you an audible warning before they kill you. And that’s their only redeeming quality. But what if they lost it?

Rattlesnakes are beginning to lose their rattles on the plains of South Dakota. Steve Reaves, owner of a rattlesnake removal service licensed through the Arizona Game and Fish Department said ‘less and less rattlesnakes are rattling’ in order to survive. Basically, the human race has created a new snake (the non-rattling rattle snake) through killing the ones that do rattle.

They’re onto us. And they’re coming.


Sociable weavers will shut down our communication.


The sociable weaver is so titled because it builds communal nests which remain inhabited for countless bird generations. But it’s not the bird we’re afraid of – it’s their nests.

These avian luxury condos can reach awe-inspiring proportions, and unfortunately, they love to built them atop telephone poles. If the poles don’t snap from the added weight, they’ll either short-circuit or burst into flame. And it doesn’t seem like they’re stopping anytime soon.

Basically, between these and the crazy ants, say goodbye to electricity.

Grolar bears are coming to get you.


The grolar bear, or the pizzly, is an actual thing. Between the melting of the Arctic ice caps and ocean pollution, some polar bears have been found procreating with their southern cousins, the grizzly bear.

They look something like this:

But don’t be fooled by its cuteness, with a likely mix of the polar bear’s carnivorous appetite and the grizzly bear’s ability to climb trees, they’re not an animal you want to try and get friendly with.


Crocodiles will fool you with their ‘hugs’.

Apparently having life-destroying jaws and a terrifying, scaly body isn’t enough of an advantage in the wild when it comes to catching dinner.

Crocodiles are getting crafty with the way they hunt – by swimming with their arms outstretched like they want a hug. And no, it’s not a friendly gesture. They want to kill you.

Basically, watch your back.

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