The Behavioural Patterns Of False Killer Whales Are Terrifying People

by : Hannah Smith on : 11 Oct 2021 16:29
The Behavioural Patterns Of False Killer Whales Are Terrifying PeopleAlamy

You’ve heard of killer whales, but are you familiar with their cousin, the false killer whale?

The species is one of the less well known of the dolphin family, but one TikToker has been shedding some light on the false killer whale and its unique characteristics, and not everyone is a fan.


The false killer whale – or as @mndiaye_97 calls it, every shark’s paralysis demon – is a type of dolphin found mainly in tropical waters, and features a similar domed head shape to that of a killer whale, or orca.

False killer whale (Alamy)Alamy

Thanks to their all-black hide and large pointed teeth, they bear more of a passing resemblance to Marvel’s Venom, and look distinctively more threatening than your classic porpoise, with some growing as long as six metres.

But, as it turns out, false killer whales are actually some of the friendliest ocean dwelling mammals out there. Known for their sociability, the species can form pods of up to 500 members, and can even make groups with other dolphin species.


However, as @mndiaye_97 explains, the false killer whale’s outgoing nature goes way beyond just forming a friendship group. Some of the animals have been observed establishing sexual relationships with other dolphins – both heterosexual and homosexual – while at the other end of the scale there’s evidence that false killer whales will occasionally eat orcas and dolphins, which goes some way to explaining why you don’t find them in aquariums.


Yet while the false killer whale might look and sound like something to steer clear of, they’re actually a friendly bunch where humans are concerned, even sometimes offering up fish as a gift.

That being said, it seems like not everyone is willing to take @mndiaye_97 at his word when he says ‘falsies are friendly’.


‘There’s just something about those eyes that says Satan created them,’ one person commented, while another wrote, ‘why are these dolphins low key scarier than sharks’.

There’s no official estimation of how many false killer whales are out there, but if you ever come across one, now you know it’s not just an orca going through its goth phase.

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