The Incredible Moment Heroic Man Saves Struggling Sheep

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Sep 2021 10:12
The Incredible Moment Heroic Man Saves Struggling Sheep@nickbadger/Instagram

An Australian rugby player has gone viral after footage emerged of him saving a struggling sheep.

Former Wallabies wing and Bachelor star Nick Cummins recently shared a video to social media of his heroics with a sheep entangled in a barbed wire fence.


The 33-year-old had been driving along a nearby road when he caught sight of the sheep ‘bucking around’ with its head on one side of the fence, but its body on the other. Instead of leaving it in pain, Cummins stopped the car and ran to the animal’s aid.


Cummins had to try and ‘hoist’ the sheep up to get him out of the wire. ‘Usually they go into a hypnotised state when you have them like this,’ he said, while holding the front legs together with one hand and the sheep’s back legs together with the other.

Fortunately, the rugby star managed to get the sheep out of its treacherous situation, and he happily ran off after being freed. ‘You’re welcome,’ Cummins said, captioning the clip, ‘Sheepish! In NZ this would have gone down very differently.’


The clip racked up more than 275,000 views on Cummins’ Instagram account. However, it wasn’t until it was shared by the Dudes Posting Their W’s Twitter account, that it really took off, and has since been viewed more than 4.6 million times.

‘He did all this and the sheep didn’t even thank him?’ one user joked. ‘Was watching this with the sound off at first and somehow still knew he was an Aussie,’ another tweeted. ‘Barbed wire is not worth the danger it causes,’ a third wrote. ‘Absolute GOAT,’ one wrote, to which another replied, ‘I’m pretty sure that’s a sheep.’

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  1. @nickbadger/Instagram

    Verified Sheepish! In NZ this would have gone down very differently.