The Nerve-Wracking Moment Man Captures An Alligator With A Wheelie Bin

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 29 Sep 2021 14:23
Alligator Captured by Trash Can - @MiaaaPazzz/Reddit@MiaaaPazzz/Reddit

Of all the ways you could decide to catch an alligator, this would not be my number one choice, but this man decided to capture one using just his bare hands and a wheelie bin. 

My preferred option, if I was required to catch an alligator, would be to turn on my heels, scream and run as fast as my legs could carry me in the opposite direction.


However, this man, for some unknown reason, rather than letting a pesky alligator who had ended up on his front porch leave when it felt ready, skilfully manoeuvred his ‘trash can’ in an awe-inspiring bid to catch the roving reptile.

Alligator Florida - American alligator in a Florida pond. The scientific name of this alligator is Alligator Mississippienis and this reptile is common to the SE USAAlamy

In the video, which is taken on the other side of the alligator, (possibly the more risky position to be in considering a lack of bin barricade?) a man can be seen approaching the gator who is hiding within the bushes in his front lawn, armed with nothing but an empty bin.

The gator, seeing the approach of a ginormous bin being slowly pushed towards him, rears his jaws open in a snarl, shuffling slowly back from the man.


However, the man, who occasionally glances at the camera as if it’s just another day in the office or he’s stuck in a queue for the supermarket, then drives forward the bin and manages to flip the lid over the gator. Sliding the bin upright, the bin consumes the alligator, plunging it into the stinky darkness.

The video, posted on Reddit, has amassed more than 61,300 votes and 2,100 comments, with other users having taken to the post in awe of the man’s chilled nature as he simply scooped up the alligator. One said: ‘Look at the gator struggling in the end. Mofo thinks it’s being eaten by a black hippo with a blue mouth.’

Another wrote:


The brilliant part is at 0.15 where he puts the lid down before the alligator is inside. Everyone thinks this puts the entire plan at risk because you can’t push an alligator through a closed lid. But somehow slamming his head with the lid and then going for the body does the trick.

A third commented: ‘…With adidas slides on his feet.’

Alligator Captured Using Trash Can - u/MiaaaPazzz/ Redditu/MiaaaPazzz/Reddit

The man certainly didn’t just have a normal day of taking the bins out, and who knows what bin day or colour bin is required for catching such a reptile. The bin system is baffling enough as it is without trash that bites.


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