There Is Now A Dog Cafe Where You’ll Be Able To Adopt A Pup Alongside Your Coffee


Move over cat cafes, dog cafes have taken over – and they may have you leaving with more than a coffee.

A new coffee shop, The Dog Cafe, will let you play with pups while you have your morning brew, and if your heart easily melts at the sight of puppies, your prayers have been answered – you can take them home.

Working with rescue groups locally and in Korea, the cafe, based in L.A., will be filled with dozens of dogs up for adoption. And it sounds so much better than cat cafes.

And let’s face it, dogs are much better for the coffee shop business anyway. They’re more sociable and much easier company, and let’s not forget they’re not constantly plotting your ultimate demise.

Sarah Wolfgang, who has spent 16 years volunteering with shelters and rescuing dogs from meat farms overseas, is the mastermind behind the idea and is keeping it entirely in the dog-rescue community. Even the coffee beans she buys donates a percentage of its profit from each purchase to a local shelter.

Wolfgang told LA Weekly:

The Dog Cafe is for everyone. We want people to come in and cuddle with our pooches even if they aren’t interested in adopting.

My passion is in animal rescue. When we talk about these dog and cat cafes, we’re not merely talking about a business but about the lives of these pets.

Don’t worry – we know what you’re thinking. Sounds great, but it’s in America.

Lucky for us, The Happiness Hounds is on its way to opening their own dog cafe in London this year, and there have already been many requests to open others in Oxford, Glasgow and Dublin.

We can’t wait.