These Mysterious Brown Balls Keep Washing Up On The Beach


Countless beach go-ers across the UK have been thrown head-first into mysticism after finding these bizarre and alien washed up brown balls.

And the weirdest thing? Hardly anybody has any idea what they are, according to the Daily Mail.

They resemble old baseballs, and that was my first guess, however other people are claiming they’re some mysterious form of alien life cast down into the sea from outer space.


Apparently one dog walker picked one of the peculiar balls up at Long Rock, near Penzance, and intended on taking it home but after just a short while he threw the ball away – terrified that it would come to life.

Others have called on scientists and experts to inspect the weird orbs and to make sure that they are safe…

And now, we have an answer.


The mystery of the brown balls has been solved and they’re thought to be merely the shells of dead sea potatoes, also known as echinocardium cordatum – bit of an anti-climax I know.

Sadly there was a mass amount of sea potatoes killed recently and the recent surge in them being found on the British coast is a direct result of this.

Sea potatoes are a species of urchin and are covered in tiny spines.

Mystery solved.