This Cat’s Adorable Trick Has Made It An Internet Superstar

by : Tom Percival on : 01 Aug 2016 11:59
13682586_10157340521210604_825822769_o13682586_10157340521210604_825822769_oCustard the cat whose house I currently live in to her annoyance

Cats are adorable creatures aren’t they? The cat I live with, Custard, is a particularly fussy kitty who, despite being an old grump who refuses to let me stroke her, can’t resist sitting with me on the sofa.


It’s honestly so lovable that I forgive some of her less pleasant habits but Custard’s far from the only kitty with an odd habit.

Over the pond in California, for example, there’s Keys, an incredibly cute black and white moggy who just can’t stop celebrating.


Okay, so she may not be celebrating, but with the way she holds her tiny paws in the air she may as well be.


Her owner, Peter Mares, spotted the feisty feline throwing her paws in the air one morning and managed to snap a picture of her moggy Mexican wave.

The odd thing is that no one knows why Keys keeps doing her odd little jig.


She may be worshipping Bast the ancient Egyptian cat god of war in a desperate attempt to finally bring down the rule of man and establish a cat government where catnip is the new currency.

That or she’s just doing it for attention, who knows?

Peter for his part has now nicknamed her Goalkitty, maybe she should replace Simon Mignolet (had to ask the UNILAD football team for that name)…

Here’s a few more pics of Keys’ odd pose…


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