This Dog Has Perfected The White Van Man Pose

Roxy the french mastiffSWNS

Shall we take a trip into the mundane absurdity of everyday British humour? Why not, you know you love it. Especially when dogs are involved, let me throw you a funny bone.

What can be more quintessentially British than a dog leaning out the passenger side window of a white van? A dog leaning out of white van with a copy of The Sun on its lap, admittedly, but we’re working on it.

Roxy the seven-year-old French Mastiff knows this too, as she spends her days productively leaning out of said window, of said white van, with her elbow out. Copy of tabloid newspaper not disclosed.

I know it sounds like I’m being snarky – but it is a well funny photo.

The 10st canine, also known as a Dogue de Bordeaux, does put a smile on everyone’s face when she and her owner Nicky Morris pull up, as the two happily cruise down the streets of London in the front seat of the Mango Logistics Group delivery van.

She even has a page on the delivery company’s website – where ‘Britain’s coolest dog’ has been listed as an employee.

Morris began taking Roxy out on deliveries with him as she grew too big to stay at home all day by herself – and now she has her very own Twitter page.

Roxy the French mastiffSWNS

The 51-year-old delivery man says:

Roxy, is not just a pet, she is a celebrity courier, who drives around London delivering parcels to people. She has been with us for seven years, since she was a puppy. She’s a dream to work with and it makes driving with her fun because of the constant attention.

You can find her around central London – mostly posing for pictures. Roxy has got so famous that she has own Twitter and Instagram following.

Roxy the French mastiffSWNS

The celebrity pooch has gained fame for her photogenic, almost casual-like poses. Eagle-eyed Londoners have spotted Roxy donning her trademark pose from Farringdon to Notting Hill.

Morris has jokingly stated he’s not worried about having his van nicked by car thieves or opportunists. I’m not surprised either, have you seen the size of Roxy? Don’t let her casual demeanour fool you. It could be a trick to lure criminals in so she can have a ‘playmate’ – or a human-sized chew toy.

Morris went on to add:

She’s easy to drive with, she’s relaxed, but a bit grumpy in the recent heat – but who isn’t, and a stroke always calms her down.

Luckily in London there are plenty of parks so walks are never a problem, but she does like to spend her time in the van – her office.

Roxy the French mastiffSWNS

Nicky is in a lucky position where he gets to bring Roxy to work with him all the time. Unfortunately, not all places offer that opportunity, which is why some companies are allowing owners to take paid leave to spend time with their pets.

It’s called ‘pet-ernity leave‘ – I’m being serious.

Mars are one of the few companies who offer ‘pet-ernity leave’ and Gosia Faras – Corporate Affairs Director at Mars Petcare UK – told UNILAD:

As you’ve probably guessed, lots of our Associates (which is what we call our employees) are pet lovers and it’s important we have pet friendly policies to make it as easy as possible for them to be responsible pet owners.

We introduced our Pet-ernity scheme in 2012, which offers Associates 10 hours paid leave when the get a new dog or cat.

Pets are part of the family so having the time to bond with and settle them in is essential – just as you would for a new baby.


Any excuse to go on paid leave is good enough for me.

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