This Dog Is About To Have A Better Christmas Than You

by : UNILAD on : 20 Dec 2015 17:24
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One woman has revealed that her dog has an incredible Christmas gift list – that could well be the most extravagant any one has ever made.


Emma Buttarazzi claims she plans on spending £5,000 on her dog, Prince, and has already begun the shopping.

He already has a £2,000 Swarovski crystal and pearl- encrusted throne wrapped up and waiting for him, and that’s just the very tip of the iceberg.

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In case you wanted some form of comparison, the average pet gets £28.70 spent on them at Christmas – which is slightly less than Prince, who gets a breakfast of organic chicken and vegetables twice a week.


24-year-old Emma also claims her fiance James loves to spoil Prince, and has no problem with her splashing the cash on the dog – who has a custom made wardrobe that holds 200 outfits.

She said:

Prince loves being the ­centre of ­attention. He loves dressing up. I like to spoil him. I work hard and this is how I like to spend my money.

He has so many outfits they’ve burst out of his wardrobe, so he’s taken up room in my closet as well.

Although the clothes are fashionable, they are also a necessity as Prince is a hairless breed. He has boots for when it snows so he doesn’t catch a chill.

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In case you weren’t traumatised enough, here’s the gift list in full:

Customised Duck Egg Blue throne encrusted with pearls and Swarovski crystals £2,000

Customised memory foam mattress with matching pillows £200

Three custom tuxedos £825


Other new clothes including a Santa suit £200

Imported Italian crystal encrusted bowl £100

Two crystal encrusted leads £200

Swarovski encrusted harness £250

Toys £500

Grooming products including Pet Head salon shampoo £200

Treats including herbal tea, coconut oil, coconut chips, fruit crunch and “dindins” superfood £100

Treat Hamper (superfoods and supplements) £200

Faux mink fur bed throw with pompoms decorated with Swarovski buttons.

Feather and down sleeping bag £52

Special organic turkey dinner £20


Total: £4,847

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Incredible, if seriously disturbing stuff.

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