The Reason Cats Always Sit On Your Stuff Is Actually Pretty Heartwarming

by : UNILAD on : 21 Apr 2017 17:34

There are apparently real, legitimate reasons why your cat chooses to sit on your stuff and they’re actually a bit of a surprise. 

All cat owners out there will know as soon as you get something out – whether it be a book you’re wanting to read, work you’re wanting to do or clothes you’re planning on wearing – your cat will promptly sit on top of them.

This happens time and time again, without fail and as soon as you think you’ve outwitted your feline friend, they will just come and sit straight back down on your stuff again…


Frustrating. But it seems your cat isn’t just harbouring an evil plan to destroy you and your life, it actually has other motives which really aren’t so bad…

According to HelloGiggles, there are three reasons why your cat seems determined to stop you living your life in peace and the first one is surprisingly sweet.

Contrary to what you might think, it seems cats are actually really keen to be near you and like taking up residence on your gear because they like the smell of you.


This isn’t meant to be in a creepy, they’re-planning-on-eating-you-way (not while you’re alive and providing them with food anyway) but actually because it makes them feel ‘safe and happy’.

The next reason is much more ‘cat-like,’ as they are hugely territorial and hope to mark their scent on your stuff, as if in actual fact, they’re the owners. This makes much more sense and does fit in with their plans to take over your life…

The final reason just about sums it up.


They’re doing it for attention because they’re huge attention seekers and need your undying love and affection at all times of the day. Except when they don’t and will happily scratch your face off if you go anywhere near them.

This all actually makes a lot of sense and if you own a cat, perhaps it will provide some form of comfort.

Hate to break it to you though, it’s not going to change anything… Cats are always going to do whatever the hell they want and as the saying goes, if it fits… they sits…

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