This Is Why Your Dog Stares At You Creepily While Pooping


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It’s fair to say we all know this look by now.

Maybe this dog in particular has done something wrong? Or maybe it just wants a bit of love and attention?

Nope, it’s pooing. So why the hell does it pull this disturbing stare and make you feel extremely uncomfortable while it does its ‘business’?

Well wonder no more. Dr. Kathryn Primm – a practicing veterinarian and practice owner in the U.S. – has all the answers to one of the greatest mysteries of the world.


A lot of you out there probably think it’s simply because they’re a bit embarrassed about what they’re doing, maybe it’s because they’re hoping you look away and give them a bit of privacy?

Well, possibly. But apparently it goes a whole lot deeper than that.

When an animal is in the wild and has to defecate they’re in their most vulnerable state. For the pure matter of survival they must be aware of the risks around them.

And this is no different with dogs.  They’re very tuned in to their environment and when they need to go, they realise that they cannot easily fight or flee the situation.


Dr. Primm explains: 

It would be rather difficult for him to defend himself or to escape danger while he is eliminating. Your dog is instinctively aware of his defenselessness.

But as a pet, the dog also knows they’re a part of your ‘pack’, a family member. They might watch you simply because they want a bit of back up and indication from you that they’re safe.


Dr. Primm continues:

If your dog watches you during this time, it is because she is depending on you to give her a body language signal or ‘heads up’ if she should be afraid. She may also be looking to you to possibly defend her should the need arise. If you suddenly leap away, you can bet your dog will respond also.

Any tips on how to deal with the sheer awkwardness of the situation? Well, it’s pretty much unavoidable, sadly.

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It’s all down to you to make them as comfortable as possible and make no sudden movements while they stare deep into your soul during their prime pooing time.