This Pit Bull Just Won A Landslide Mayoral Victory


In what is probably not even the most surprising result that occurred on America’s election day, a dog has managed to grab the job of mayor in a small Kentucky town.

It might sound bizarre, but when you examine the canine’s competition you’ll probably understand why.

Pitbull Brynneth Pawltrow (get it?) was declared mayor of Rabbit Hash in a landslide victory, receiving 3,367 total votes and beating off his political rivals which included a cat, a chicken and a donkey. Yeah, this really happened.


However, some might suggest that the election was rigged as according to the 2010 US census, Rabbit Hash only has a population of 315.

But unlike the rest of the U.S. where one person gets one vote, for this quirky little town it’s more of a case of one dollar one vote.

Voters were allowed to cast as many ballots as they were willing to buy, all in a good cause to raise money for the Rabbit Hash general store which was badly damaged in a fire in February.


In total $8,995 (£7,139) was raised in an election where voters were encouraged to drink at the polls- I can’t imagine why.

The funny thing is, Brynn hasn’t exactly broken any glass ceilings for dogs seeking political office everywhere, as she’s the fourth dog to hold down the role as mayor.

The first, named Goofy, took office back in 1998 before a black Lab named Junior followed a few years later.

In 2008, the same year Obama was elected, a border collie named Lucy Lou earned the title before retiring on November 8th. She’s the only former canine mayor not to die in office.


In Brynneth we have a leader that everyone can get behind.

Four more years!