This Sheepdog Just Sold For More Than The Price Of A Car


A Sheepdog called Cap has set a new British record price at auction after selling for almost £15,000.

Sixteen-month-old Cap was bred in County Donegal, Ireland, reports the BBC. Owner Padraig Doherty said his dog sold “much higher” than the auctioneer’s prediction of around £2,000. The record-breaking auction took place in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Cap was bought by an annoymous buyer from Northern Ireland for £14,805, easily smashing the previous record sheepdog sale of £9,240 in 2013. His new life will be as a working dog on a farm.


The auctioneer’s spokesman said the high price was due to Cap being “very well bred”, and being related to a champion sheepdog.

Previous owner Mr Doherty said he had put in a “sparking display” on a trials field in front of potential buyers which can’t have hurt.

You can watch what a £15k sheep dog looks like in action here:

Doherty also claimed Cap has almost supernatural ability in the field:

He is a special dog with genuine power and has a calming effect on sheep.

Fair enough, we’re in the wrong business apparently.