This Spider Infested Village Deals With Problem In Really Grim Way


It’s a difficult time for arachnophobes as the British Summer slowly fades and our homes are invaded by spiders looking for somewhere warm to live. But it could be worse – much worse – you could live in this village.

Skun in Cambodia, or as it’s known locally ‘Spider Town’, is infamous for its eight legged freak infestation and we’re not talking incy wincy spiders – these are monsters.

According to The Daily Starwalking through the streets of Skun sounds like hell on Earth with spiders falling from trees, scuttling along the ground, and even occasionally biting people because when God was designing spiders he thought it’d be hilarious to make them both terrifying and dangerous.


Of course, people being people, the locals in Skun have decided to tackle their web based woes in a rather novel way and have begun eating the spiders.

So how do the mini beasts taste? Well, surprisingly, not all that bad according to travel blogger Andrew Kolasinski.

Kolasinski said:

The taste was a bit nutty, the skin was crunchy, the pencil thick legs were salty with a hint of garlic. It went well with cold Angkor beer. The meat of the abdomen is white like chicken.


However, he did recommend avoiding the organ cavity, which is hardly surprising really.

Eating spiders is a relatively new tradition for the people of Skun, who were forced to start eating spiders after the brutal and foolish policies of Pol Pot caused widespread famine.

We don’t think we’ll be trying this local delicacy anytime soon.