This Video Of A Man Being Swarmed By A Midge Cloud Is Grim As F*ck


If bugs freak you out then this may not be the story for you unless you can deal with a cyclist wandering into a midge cloud. 

Craig McLaren, an outdoor enthusiast had been cycling through the Caingorms with a group of seven other bikers, with Falkirk Outdoors tours, when he ran into the swarm of tiny flying insects, The Mirror reports.


The brave cyclist pulled out his camera and began to record the bugs crawling all over him, shouting, “It’s a little bit midgey!”

Craig, from Edinburgh, came prepared though and was wearing a veil to keep the insects off his face although as the camera pans down we can see that his hands are covered in the creepy crawlies.

Highland-walker-enveloped-by-cloud-of-midges (1)Facebook

Apparently the group were walking to the spot where they’d left their bikes when they disturbed the biting insects, which are common in the Scottish higlands around this time of year.

Falkirk Outdoors tours uploaded the video to their Facebook and captioned it: “We had an encounter with a few of the local inhabitants once we for back down to the bikes on Sunday’s High Tops outing to the Cairngorms.”

Not going to lie if I’d been there I’d have freaked out…