Thousands Of People Just Signed A Petition To Make Harambe A Pokemon


On May 28 this year, the world lost a legend – Harambe. 

Since his killing he has been subject to countless memes, songs, and references but now things look set to immortalise the Western Lowland Gorilla forever, reports The Verge.

A petition, started only two days ago, pleading Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to turn Harambe into a Pokemon character has already achieved over 38,000 signatures.


A minuscule letter forming the heart of the petition by a man named Eric CreamyMemes (definitely his legal name) states:

I want Harambe to live on forever in everyone’s hearts. Please let this happen Nintendo.

The petition also features a mock-up design of Harambe to give signers a slight idea of how the slayed gorilla would look.


The pictures suggest that CreamyMemes’ ideas are for the character of Harambe to start off as ‘Hambo’ before evolving into a stronger and more terrifying ‘Harambe’ with the special ability of being a ‘meat shield’.

As you can probably imagine the viral petition has attracted a lot of support online:

This has got to happen, surely.

If only this many people got behind some more important petitions every once in a while…