Three Men Face Off Against A Mouse, Their Reactions Are Epic

men v mouseYouTube

Man v Food is something everyone has heard of, but how about Man v Mouse?

Probably not, but after seeing this video, of three guys facing off against a mouse, you might want to get familiar with the concept.

It goes like this.

Mouse infiltrates house men are living in. Mouse gets into bedroom and hides under bed. Men discover mouse, with their reactions are filmed by Ciaran Hickie, who promptly uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

Naturally, said reactions are slightly – shall we say – not quite what you would expect a manly man to come out with.

One of the trio even refuses to go to bed, such is the fear the mouse will get him.

Another nearly loses his shit after the mouse touches his shoe – and the clip ends by making it clear the rodent ‘Little Stewart’ is still at large.