Tiger Hugging Tree Picture Wins Wildlife Photo Award

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Oct 2020 09:18
Tiger Hugging Tree Picture Wins Wildlife Photo AwardSergey Gorshkov/WPY2020

An incredible photo of a tiger hugging a tree in Russia has earned the man who took it the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. 

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat will know that loving, content look it gives you when it’s rubbing around your legs, and photographer Sergey Gorshkov managed to capture the wild version of that scene.


His stunning image was taken in Leopard National Park, deep in the forests of Russia’s Far East, and shows a female Siberian – or Amur – tiger wrapping her paws around a tree while rubbing her face up against the bark to leave her scent.

There are only a few hundred tigers left in eastern Russia after they were hunted to near-extinction, and their need to travel vast distances to find food means it can be incredibly hard to snap pictures of one.

Rather than setting up camp in the woods and hoping for the best, Gorshkov caught his image using a camera trap that was left in the forest and set to trigger automatically when a tiger came by.


As an experienced wildlife photographer, Gorshkov knew where he would have the best chance of capturing an image of a tiger, and he left the camera trap in the wild for 10 months before finally going to see what treasures the memory card had in store for him.

Roz Kidman-Cox, chair judge of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award, described the image to BBC News as being ‘like an oil painting’.

She commented:


The lighting, the colours, the texture… It’s almost as if the tiger is part of the forest. Her tail blends with the roots of the tree. The two are one.

Gorshkov’s award was announced by Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge and TV presenters Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin this week during an online event.

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