TikToker Films Guy Casually Walking Down Street With A Parrot And A Python

by : Julia Banim on : 01 Mar 2021 11:27
TikToker Films Guy Casually Walking Down Street With A Parrot And A Pythonhayleyroben/TikTok

A TikTok user from Australia has filmed a guy casually strolling down the street with a parrot and a python.

Now, taking a walk with either one of these animals would have caught the attention of those out and about, but to be accompanied by both made for an interesting sight to say the least, and TikToker Hayley Roben couldn’t resist capturing the moment on film.


Hayley had been sitting in a car at the red lights with some mates when she clocked the unusual spectacle, and very soon they were gasping and giggling in equal measure.

You can check out the mini walking zoo for yourself below:


The unnamed man could be seen bobbing his head about from side-to-side, even doing a little dance at one point, while appearing to have absolutely no clue whatsoever about the surprised reactions he was causing.

The very well-behaved yellow parrot was seated quite contentedly on his shoulder, while he held the python in one hand much like one might hold a scarf. Exclamations of disbelief from the car could be heard in the footage, which got even weirder once the man stopped at a pedestrian crossing.

In a way that bizarrely resembled the act of popping your shopping bags on the floor as you fumble for your keys, the bloke placed the alarmingly large snake on the pavement while he pressed the button. He then picked up the snake once again with one hand, fiddling about with his phone as he waited to cross.

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