TikTokers Beg Scientists To Stop Exploring Ocean After Spotting Creepy Sea ‘Monster’

by : Cameron Frew on : 14 May 2021 13:49
TikTokers Beg Scientists To Stop Exploring Ocean After Spotting Creepy Sea 'Monster'.creepyshit/TikTok

TikTokers want scientists to stop exploring the ocean after footage resurfaced of a deep-sea ‘alien’.

Another day at work, another story that taps into my very specific, no-less severe fear of giant squid and its variations. I can’t fully articulate it; they’re frightening, massive and if I somehow ended up in its slimy clutches, there’s nothing I could do.


TikTok user @.creepysh*t posted a video illustrating what people mean when they say we’ve only discovered around 10% of the world’s oceans. Be warned: the footage that follows is nightmarish.

The video shows a snippet of footage filmed by a Shell Oil Company remote-controlled submersible in November 2007, showing an absolutely massive Magnapinna squid, also known as bigfin squid and long-arm squid.


According to a report by National Geographic, the creature was found two-and-a-half kilometres below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico.

Bruce Robison, a deep-sea biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California, said: ‘The most peculiar structure is that of the arms. Judging from that structure, we think the animal feeds by dragging its arms and the ends of its tentacles along the seafloor as it drifts slowly above it.’

Little is known about bigfin squid. Their tentacles can grow anywhere between 13 and 26ft long, but no samples have ever been captured to learn more about the elusive species.


After watching the clip, one user commented: ‘Leave it undiscovered. PLEASE.’ Another wrote: ‘Let’s leave it at 10%. I’ve seen enough.’ A third commented: ‘My thalassophobia has entered the chat.’

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