TikTokers’ Dog Becomes Spinning Top As Owners See Who Is Favourite

by : Hannah Smith on : 23 May 2021 15:37
TikTokers' Dog Becomes Spinning Top As Owners See Who Is Favouritekamilandra_/TikTok

A dog has proved its loyalty to its owners by refusing to choose between them, in an adorable example of why dogs are truly man’s best friend.

In a video posted to TikTok, @kamilandra_ and her partner decided to test which of them was their Yorkshire terrier’s favourite, and the decision literally sent the dog’s head spinning.


The video shows the dog standing in between the couple, before the pair take off in opposite directions, leaving it alone and looking more than a bit confused.

For a couple of seconds it looks each way as if it’s trying to decide who to choose, but then it quickly decides that its loyalty to both is too strong, and instead starts barking and spinning in circles to try and get their attention back.


The video has captured people’s hearts, receiving 7.8 million views on TikTok. It’s since been posted on Reddit, where people have been admiring how the dog couldn’t process being asked to chose between its owners.

‘Poor thing short circuited’ one person commented, while another wrote ‘he’s literally buffering’.

‘The dog was so confused he turned into a bey blade,’ someone else posted.

Dog can't choose between it's owners (@kamilandra_/TikTok)@kamilandra_/TikTok

That being said, others have suggested there could be a different explanation for the dog’s reaction, with one person writing, ‘At least you know that the puppy either hates them equally or loves them equally.’

The couple’s test was one version of the #dogchallenge trend on TikTok, where users play different tricks on their dogs to test out their loyalty and obedience.

And while this dog passed the loyalty test with flying colours, others aren’t so convinced their dog would do the same, with one person commenting, ‘I refuse to do this with my dogs for fear that they’ll chase after the other person.’

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  1. @kamilandra_/TikTok

    The loyalty is real!!