Tiny Hedgehog In Canoe Gets Best Photoshop Battle Ever


Photoshop really does wondrous things, especially when an adorable tiny hedgehog in a canoe is involved.

The hugely popular Instagram account, hedgehog_azuki, decided to document a spiky little fella’s recent camping trip in the woods and it, naturally, went viral.

On October 4 our prickly friend, known as Azuki, set off on his adventure, complete with a tiny wheelbarrow filled with logs to build a fire that will keep him warm at night:

As all good campers will know, the better the tent, the happier the camper and so the pygmy hedgehog made sure he had the most ‘comfortable’ one going on the market:

In his next post, Azuki admitted a naughty secret telling his fans that he ‘secretly eats during cooking’. I was wondering where all the food went:

When it came to lunch though Azuki held back and decided to have his very own picnic.

Here he is chilling in a jaunty hat enjoying a cup of coffee:

One of the best things about camping trips, is lying back and admiring the beautiful stars in the sky that seem to glow more when you are in the woods.

Azuki certainly appreciated this on his trip:

And then the best photo of all came, Azuki in a canoe living his best life.

Just look at that smile:

Because people can’t resist a beaming tiny hedgehog in a canoe, the photos quickly landed on Reddit and a Photoshop battle had begun.

Reddit users from far and wide put to use their photo editing skills in a battle that would make the internet weep with joy.

A user known only as ‘Captain_Dickblaster’ decided to enter Azuki into the Olympic Games, although here he is known as ‘George the Hedghog-Inna-Canoe’:


One user felt though that Azuki was more of a freestyle canoeist pushing the sport ‘to new heights’.

‘Shashakeitup’ even put the prickly guy on his own front page:


If you have ever wanted a decent sequel to the hit film Titanic, well you need look no further as  Titanic 2: There’s Room For Everyone!

Here he is saving both Kate and Leo:


Azuki is smashing it in Hollywood making a cameo performance in the Star Wars series:


But Reddit wasn’t done here…

Lastly Azuki became the next Gladiator and although his opponent is much taller than he is, we reckon Azuki’s going to beat him down!

I mean just look at that pose:


At the time of writing, the thread currently has 543 comments and 70,206 up-votes meaning the internet is clearly loving this little fella.

One user commented:

Just woke up and I’m crying. Thank you! Today is going to be a good day!

Another added:

If only I could give you two up-votes.

Meanwhile one fan of Azuki was just concerned for his health:

He needs a helmet, that’s pretty damn dangerous for a little fella.


Well done to everyone involved. You have once again proved why the internet is the best damn thing on Earth!

I can’t wait to see where Azuki goes next…