Tiny Injured Puppy Tossed Away In Bin Was Found ‘Just In Time’

by : UNILAD on : 29 Dec 2018 11:11
Dog found in dumpsterDog found in dumpsterBARCS/Facebook

Unfortunately for too many animals, being dumped and neglected is an all too regular occurrence – and not just at Christmas, when they suffer as unwanted gifts.

Sadly, when people can no longer look after their pet – or just don’t want to – instead of taking it to an animal shelter, they dump them, and in places where they’ll struggle to survive.

This is what happened to one poor puppy who was left in a dumpster, in the cold, near Baltimore, Maryland, US, in November.


On this occasion, luckily for the poor five-week-old pup, a good Samaritan was walking by and heard its tiny cry.

After looking inside, the person found the animal lying among the trash – cold, scared, and with wounds all over her, before being rushed to Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS), reports The Dodo.

Dana Hersl, the manager of BARCS emergency medical department, said:


Her entire head and face were swollen. She was only able to open her eyes about three millimetres. She also had wounds to her front left leg.

Dana stated the puppy had probably been bitten by another animal before someone threw her away without any regard for her injuries.

She decided to foster the puppy until she was well enough to be adopted, knowing it had to have around-the-clock care.


She continued:

My boyfriend and I picked her up from the ER and instantly fell in love with this itty bitty being that was so swollen.

I couldn’t even make out her face. Once I looked her up and read the memos on how and where she was found, it made us want to love her even more.

Dana said while on the way home, with the puppy in her lap, I Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & The Blowfish came on the radio, so the couple decided to name her Hootie.

Hootie sustained some terrible injuries, including a fractured eye, skull, and jaw from whatever attack she sustained before being thrown into the dumpster.


She could barely open her mouth so Dana fed her pureed and moistened food, thankfully she could sip water on her own.

Over the next few weeks, Hootie’s swollen face started to improve, and started gaining enough energy to play with toys, go on walks, and chase her foster siblings around the house. She was also able to eat whole foods and treats for the first time.

Dana revealed:


It didn’t take long for her personality to take over the wounds. Hootie wanted to chew on everything, play with the other animals (we have three dogs and a cat) and run zoomies around the house.

Hootie dumped dogHootie dumped dogBARCS

Hootie is said to be getting stronger and more lively with each day, and now, at three-months-old, spends her days romping around with her foster family’s dogs – as well as trying to make friends with their cat.

She’s especially smitten with the other dogs, which is thought to be because she’s been without a friend for most of her short life.

Dana said she hopes to find Hootie a family which has other animals – even children – who’ll be able to give her all the, fuss, love and attention she deserves.

Hottie dumped dogHottie dumped dogBARCS

Within the next few weeks Hootie will be spayed, and then once her injuries are fully cleared, she’ll be put up for adoption.

Dana said of Hootie:

A dog sibling that can show her how to grow up being a playful yet respectful dog would be best. A motherly K9 would be great. She lost [having that bond] as a puppy, so she would benefit from that in her new home.

She rules the household. You would never know that this little bundle of craziness experienced something so traumatic.

Hootie dumped dogHootie dumped dogBARCS

Here’s hoping Hootie is adopted as soon as possible and gets to live happily ever after.

Remember people, pets and animals are a life-long commitment!

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