Tiny Rabbit Dumped At Shelter For Being ‘Too Affectionate’


A tiny rabbit was abandoned at a shelter for being ‘too affectionate’. 

Considering rabbits are adorable, fluffy little bundles of joy, with twitching noses and pom-pom-like tails, I wouldn’t have imagined anyone could classify one as being ‘too affectionate’.

I’d love to have one of the cute creatures showering me with love, but apparently, not everyone feels the same way, as Peter the rabbit (not to be confused with Peter Rabbit), learned first hand.

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I love my mommy

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Peter was dumped at the SPCA of Texas, where he met long-time shelter volunteer and rabbit owner Ryann Sadler. Ryann scooped up the little animal and was sad to see he was in poor condition, with extremely overgrown nails.

The volunteer decided to give Peter a pamper, and when she set about cutting his nails, the rabbit suddenly started to kiss Ryann all over with his tiny little tongue.

Recalling the surprising moment to The Dodo, Ryann said:

I was holding him and he just started licking my hands. I said, ‘What on Earth!?’ My rabbit Pepper has never done that. We were just blown away with how sweet and friendly he was.

His warm reception quickly won the shelter volunteer over, and after reading why he’d been given up, Ryann was set on taking Peter home. Her family weren’t really looking to adopt another rabbit at the time, but Ryann wasn’t going to let that stop her!

Ryann continued:

The owner said Peter was ‘too affectionate’ and ‘needed too much attention’. He was the snuggliest bunny ever — I couldn’t believe anyone would give him up!

He is so affectionate, loves being held and will just sit on my chest kissing my face. It’s the sweetest thing in the world.

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My little brother LOVES to get in the fridge. We don’t know why😂

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Peter was taken to his new home where he could start fresh with a family who were more than prepared to accept all of his kisses.

While one of his favourite activities is showering his owners with affection, the rabbit’s other hobbies include doing laps around the house, jumping up into the air, and tossing his toys around as well as playing ball.

Peter sounds like the most perfect bunny to ever grace the Earth.

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Welcome home, Brother!

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The fluffy creature has even become used to sharing the house with the family’s Yorkshire terrier, and he apparently gets so excited when visitors come, he skips and leaps around the house in celebration.

Peter and his new housemate Pepper the rabbit now have their own Instagram page, where you can see them exploring, hanging out, eating and having snuggles with their loving owners.

Ryann has admitted Pepper is a bit grumpier than the affectionate Peter, but that doesn’t dampen his mood.

She explained:

Their pens are right next to one another, and Peter always tries to make friends with her. They peacefully coexist that way, but Pepper still prefers her own space.

The proud owner admitted, while the animals are a lot to take care of, they’re lovely to have as pets:

A few years ago, we knew nothing about rabbits. They are a big responsibility and require a lot of special care.

But like Peter, they’re some of the funniest and loving animals ever. He makes us smile every single day.

I’m glad Peter finally found a home with people who could handle his love!

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