Tiny Rabbit In Love With Giant Girlfriend 4 Times His Size

Bunnies fall in love.lilly_sunshine_flemishgirl/Instagram

Love sometimes makes no sense at all. You can fall for someone completely unlike you in every conceivable way, and it can still – magically – work out beautifully.

This ‘opposites attract’ logic doesn’t just apply to loved-up humans. Sometimes our favourite fluffs can also find themselves swept up in an unlikely romance.

Romeo, from Guam, is a titchy-tiny dwarf rabbit. He tips the scales at a featherlight four pounds, and dated attitudes towards dating would suggest he would pick a similarly dainty rabbit girlfriend to hop around with.

However, it appears Romeo appreciates a larger lady, with thumping great paws and enough butt to fill a hutch. And all power to him.

Lilly Sunshine is a 16 pound Flemish giant bunny, with plenty of love and cuddles to give. And despite being four times bigger, Lilly has fallen ears over cotton tail for her pint-sized ‘husbun’ Romeo.

The couple have quickly become the Jack and Dani of the animal kingdom, enjoying an enviable Instagram presence with nearly 8,000 followers.

Regular pictures and videos show the buns snuggling up together and sharing romantic, leafy dinners. Pictures even show the pair celebrating Christmas and Valentine’s Day together, while giving out a general relationship goals vibe.

Their doting human bunny, Sarah Covelli, has spoken to The Dodo about the fluffiest whirlwind romance of modern times:

Everyone is usually taken aback by Lilly’s size, and then when they see her with Romeo, they are even more surprised.

Romeo has the nickname ‘tiny husbun’.

Their obvious size difference doesn’t seen to phase Lilly and Romeo, who have the sort of easy closeness you see among long-term human couples.

They reportedly even use the bathroom together, and in one video Lilly can be seen sneaking a bit of Romeo’s kale snack like any self-respecting girlfriend would.

Covelli continued:

Romeo is a sweet, curious little guy,

He’ll jump on the couch and climb over us. He is also Lilly’s shadow — he follows her everywhere! I think he knows she’ll protect him.

She added:

They sure are a special couple.

It would seem Lilly and Romeo’s legions of human fans feel the same way. One person described them as being ‘the most adorable bun couples, I ever seen’, while another squealed, ‘True bunlove’.

Just shows, there truly is someone out there for everyone. Please can somebody make a rom-com about these precious, unlikely honey bunnies?

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