Tom Hardy Made Best Friends With Security Dog At Venom Premiere

by : Emily Brown on : 03 Oct 2018 15:56
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Tom Hardy made a new best friend at the Venom premiere, who had four legs and was a very good boy. 


The actor was probably met by a variety of famous people at the premiere on Monday (October 1), but there was one friendly face Hardy just couldn’t resist saying hello to.

After posing for pictures and signing autographs, the 41-year-old made his way to the theatre to watch his character morph into an alien with a disturbingly long tongue.

But before he made it through the doors he came across one of the members of security – a very hard working golden retriever named Stark.


Unable to resist the dog’s fluffy face, Hardy knelt down to shake the pupper’s hand and pet him, giving Stark the recognition he deserved for doing such a good job.

The canine and the actor gazed into each other’s eyes in a way which indicated they’d just become best friends – although the dog might actually have just been starstruck from being adored by such a huge celebrity.

While the premiere of the huge Hollywood movie was a pretty big deal, I think Hardy and his new best friend stole the show.

Stark’s owner shared the adorable pictures on the dog’s very own Instagram page, writing:

This is the other part of the job that I love! No matter who it is, how rich they are or how famous.

Seeing someone’s eye light up and them turn to back into a child when they see my dog just makes it worth it.

Stark got to meet @tomhardy last night at the #venompremiere and it was the best thing ever! [sic]

The caption continued:


Thank you Mr. @tomhardy for being you. The most genuine, polite and caring person I have had the pleasure of meeting. [sic]

One person questioned whether you were allowed to pet service dogs, and while Stark’s owner pointed out that this is usually the case, they also admitted that they weren’t going to turn away the Hollywood actor.

The Retriever’s owner wrote:

well I mean for the most part they are working dogs so petting them is rare. However, @tomhardy can pretty much do what ever he wants also, he asked before hand.

As a big dog-person, Hardy is no stranger to hanging out with dogs at movie premieres.

He even took his own good boy to the premiere of Legend back in 2015.

Check out the pictures below:

As one person on Twitter pointed out, it’s actually become something of a tradition:


A movie premiere is never complete without Tom Hardy and dogs.

They’ve got a point there to be honest!

Another fan made sure Hardy was recognised for his work, stating:

god works hard but tom hardy works harder to ensure all the dogs he sees know they’re a good boy [sic]

While a third is looking for everything Hardy has to offer:

All I want is for someone to look at me the way Tom Hardy looks at dogs.

Don’t we all!

I’m glad Hardy gave Stark the recognition he deserved!

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