Trophy Hunters Killed An Animal Every Three Minutes Over Past Decade

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 28 Dec 2020 11:06
Trophy Hunters Killed An Animal Every Three Minutes Over Past DecadeWikimedia/Pixnio

A study has found that, over the past decade, an animal was killed every three minutes by trophy hunters.

1.7 million animals in total have been killed by hunters over the last ten years, including lions, elephants and endangered rhinos.


The blood sport has long received criticism from people all over the world, such as actor and comedian Ricky Gervais, who describes it as ‘humanity at its very worst’.

The new harrowing claim comes following the release of Eduardo Goncalves’s book Trophy Leaks: Top Hunters And Industry Secrets earlier this month, which slams the so-called sport.

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Goncalves’s book makes several claims about the trophy hunting industry; from South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa raking in millions of dollars by selling rare animals to trophy hunters, to hunting lobbyists Safari Club International (SCI) awarding a special prize to anyone who shoots more than 80 different African species.


Goncalves, pictured centre below, also claims that game-hunting enthusiasts funded a £600,000 ‘dark arts’ campaign of disinformation on social media while pretending to be people who opposed Britain’s new law banning trophy hunting imports.

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The author told the MailOnline:

Future generations will look back aghast at how we allowed the world’s most endangered species to be gunned down in their droves by adrenaline junkies in pursuit of grinning selfies and gruesome souvenirs.


He added, ‘Trophy-hunting isn’t about a handful of sick individuals – it is about a huge global industry which wields extraordinary power and manipulates governments’.

Earlier this year, Botswana sold 60 elephant hunting permits for more than £30,200 each, despite hunting the animals previously being banned in the country.

At the time, Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting as well as being an author, branded trophy hunting as ‘artificial selection’, and that by targeting the biggest animals, like elephants, it ‘leaves the weaker, smaller animals behind’.

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Goncalves new book also details information on a craze named ‘Hogpocalypse Now’, which offers hunters the chance to open fire on gangs of wild hogs from a helicopter.

One company, named Helicopter Pig Hunting that offers the experience in Texas, US, says on its website, ‘There’s nothing like buzzing over droves of hogs while cutting loose with your itchy trigger finger’.

Despite sites like these encouraging trophy hunting, Goncalves’s campaign to ban it have been backed by big names like Leonardo DiCaprio and his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Joanna Lumley.

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    Trophy hunters killed one animal every three minutes over the last decade, damning study reveals, with creatures gunned down from helicopters