TV Presenter Stops Live Report To Rescue Dog From Flood


This heroic TV presenter rescued a dog from a flood in Peru and it’s seriously heart-warming. 

A presenter for En Vivo TV bravely battled the floods in Piura, north western Peru when he stumbled across a helpless dog and the whole thing was posted to Imgur. 

The unknown man was presumably reporting about dreadful floods devastating the South American city, when a panicked and desperate dog caught his eye.


Interrupting his live TV programme, the presenter did what any self-respecting human would do and reached down and grabbed the dog, who would almost have certainly drowned in the treacherous flood water.

The water was already upto the presenter’s waist so would have been absolutely no match for the vulnerable dog, who definitely would have become exhausted trying to keep his head above water in a matter of minutes.

The presenter then proceeded to wade through the scarily rising water so take the dog – and himself  – to safety.

Television reporter stops live coverage to rescue dog from flood

At the end of the short clip, the man can be seen to slip while carrying the dog and is almost submerged completely under, as the water levels rise above his shoulder.

Hopefully the two made a lucky escape, but what a legend for stopping in the first place and taking in the panicked pup.

What a guy.