Two Wild Kangaroos Fighting In Street Caught On Camera

two kangaroos fightingViralHog

Wild animals fight all the time, it’s nature. It’s just that we don’t often see them as it’s in the wild and we’re safe at home staring at our phones.

Unless you’re in Australia, where it’s safe to say the wildlife is just a bit different to most other places.

Also, Australia has a certain animal that loves to bounce around and box others of its kind, and indeed sometimes humans too – the kangaroo.

Two kangaroos were filmed knocking seven bells out of each other in a street fight in Australia. The pair are really going for one another.

Check it out:

They seem pretty evenly matched. Who knows, they might still be at it to this day, like when an immovable object meets and unstoppable force.

Also, check out the way they use their tails to stand on while they deliver two-footed kicks to each other. Who knew tails were so useful?

In what can only be described as a violent dance between two ‘roos vying for dominance, as if one had wandered onto the others turf and they had to put back in their place, the fighting animals were caught on camera by an innocent bystander, who was undoubtedly thankful the kangaroos were keeping it within the family.

And, as National Geographic tells us, you wouldn’t want to mess with boxing ‘roos:

Things can get downright deadly when male kangaroos fight over mating rights. With their gigantic feet, these “boomers” deliver kicks that can crush bone… and even kill their opponents.

It reminds me of the time a brave dude punched a kangaroo after it had put his dog in a headlock.

man punching kangarooViralHog

However, the man who punched the kangaroo got away very luckily, which unfortunately cannot be said for 19-year-old Joshua Hayden was out hunting with his brother in Western Australia when he was attacked by an angry marsupial.

The teenager said he and his brother spotted three kangaroos in the area, before one ‘disappeared from view’.

According to ABC News, Joshua apparently leaned out of the window and prepared to take a shot at the two kangaroos.

As he did so, the kangaroo which had previously disappeared from view reappeared and charged at the brothers’ moving car.

He said:

It actually collided with the side of the car and smashed the front window. Then it bounced back onto me and headbutted me straight in the jaw.

Weird, almost as if the animal knew he was being hunted or something?

Joshua said he was unconscious for about 30 seconds before he came to, adding:

I woke up and my brother was trying to tell me what happened.

man with bruised faceJoshua Hayden/ABC

Joshua was taken to hospital but was told he’d have to wait 10 days to have surgery because his face was ‘too swollen to operate’.

Joshua and his brother said they regularly hunt kangaroos for food, but ‘normally they did not fight back’.

He added:

Out of all the times we have been out [in the] bush I have never heard of this before.

Should’ve spent more time in the suburbs mate, as that’s obviously where all the ‘roo fights really happen.

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