Undercover Video From Slaughterhouse Exposes Shocking Extent Of Animal Cruelty

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 30 Aug 2019 11:17
Undercover Video From Slaughterhouse Exposes Shocking Extent Of Animal CrueltyAussie Farms and Animals Within

Horrific undercover footage has emerged from a Sydney slaughterhouse, showing pigs and goats being forced into carbon dioxide gas chambers.

The video was taken on a hidden body camera by a university student who was on placement at an abattoir in the city.


Animal rights activists Aussie Farms and Animals Within released the graphic footage which shows a pig being shot at least eight times, and workers appearing to twist cows’ tails to force them to walk into a knockbox.



As per MailOnline, executive director of Aussie Farms and director of controversial documentary Dominion Chris Delforce said:


This is some of the most damning Australian footage I’ve ever seen, and yet, it’s completely legal.

There are very minimal laws in place to protect animals in facilities like these, which is the complete opposite to what most consumers are led to believe.

While there’s a general offence for animal cruelty in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act NSW, farms and slaughterhouses are exempt from this if they follow basic codes of practice which effectively legalise cruelty that regular citizens wouldn’t be able to get away with.

The code of practice relating to slaughterhouses is only a model code, intended as non-enforceable guidelines for states and territories to develop their own legislation, but 18 years later none have done so.

Undercover Video From Slaughterhouse Exposes Shocking Extent Of Animal CrueltyAussie Farms and Animals Within

Delforce said even if a company is found to be engaging in cruelty not permitted under the codes of practice, the maximum penalty under POCTA is $27,000.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government is attempting to crack down on militant activists who trespass on farms or slaughterhouses in a bid to try and expose cruelty by introducing fines of up to $220,000 and a jail term of up to three years.


Delforce added:

It’s almost beyond comprehension that the act of jumping a fence to merely film animal abuse is somehow considered worse than committing it.

However, this new footage was obtained not by trespass, and not in breach of any biosecurity protocols – so would not be covered by these new laws.

Undercover Video From Slaughterhouse Exposes Shocking Extent Of Animal CrueltyAussie Farms and Animals Within

The activist had a strong message for deputy premier John Barilaro and NSW minister for agriculture Adam Marshall.


He said:

If (they) want to bring in ag-gag laws on behalf the industry to stifle exposure of animal agriculture facilities, they’re going to have to start being honest about it.

Stop hiding behind these smokescreens, otherwise activists will continue to find ways to show the public the reality of what they’re being told is ‘humane’ and ‘ethical’.

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    'Horrific, but legal': Undercover footage from abattoir shows animals being mistreated as they are pushed into gas chambers - as calls grow to put whistleblowers behind bars