Vegans Horrified After Learning Australian Money Is Made Using Animals

Australian five dollar note!PA

An online video revealing that Australian banknotes contain beef has sparked a huge furore.

Project Nightfall posted a three-minute video on Facebook over the weekend exposing the fact at least 23 countries use tallow, an animal by-product, to make modern money, as well as soap and candles.

In news that must come as a huge blow to Australia, Canada, the UK (tbh we already knew), Malaysia and Singapore, tallow is used to make banknotes look all glossy and shiny.

The video starts:

This video is not friendly to vegans, Muslims, Hindus or Jews.

Tallow is essentially fat that can only be made from pig, beef or lamb. This video is zero fake news.

Yes, money is not vegetarian friendly! But what about other products? Unfortunately, I was surprised to see that there are too many animals in too many products.

A spokeswoman for the Reserve Bank of Australia said:

This assists in the manufacturing process, and is common in many commercially available plastic products.

Social media opinion was split, naturally.

MONEY is made from ANIMALS

THIS VIDEO IS ZERO FAKE NEWS! Yes, money is not vegetarian friendly! But what about other products? Unfortunately, I was surprised to see that there are TOO MANY animals in TOO MANY products. P.S. I uploaded this video yesterday but there was a bug that removed it, hahah, so please share it again! <3 Thank you so much Mitch Summers for giving me the idea :) I'm happy to have you in this video!Send me any new WOW FACTS and be a part of the next episode!INSTAGRAM: Project NightfallGROUP: HYPER HUMANS (by Project Nightfall)Hiyaaaa!

Posted by Project Nightfall on Saturday, 20 October 2018

One commenter wrote:

That is really horrible to hear. But, we can all limit cruelty of animals in our daily life by going vegan and using cruelty free products.

Another said, ‘OMG I don’t want to ever have money again!’

One disagreed with the furore, writing:

I know it’s bad but you need to think of it another way. They are finding different uses of the left over animals instead of wasting when they can make full use of all of it. Yes I am an animal lover and yes I eat meat but if they get killed for sport like fox hunting I don’t agree but if they are killed humanely and not horrible then that’s fine.

Despite protestor’s best efforts, animal fat remained a part of the production of the new polymer £5 and £10 notes in the UK as well the £20 to be launched in 2020.


The Bank of England said it has ‘not taken this decision lightly’. Adding, ‘The Bank fully recognises the concerns raised by members of the public, both prior to and during the consultation.’

A spokesman said:

The Bank has had to balance these responses against its other public duties and priorities as well as the other evidence gathered over the past months.

The use of palm oil raises questions about environmental sustainability and the Bank’s suppliers have been unable to commit to sourcing the highest level of sustainable palm oil at this time.

Value for money was also a consideration in the Bank’s decision.

The vegan struggle continues.

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