Very Big, Fluffy Dog Got Tired On Hike And Had To Be Carried Down Mountain

A huge dog had to be carried down a mountain after it got tired.Evergreen Fire/Rescue/Twitter

A long, rambling hike with your friends on a glorious day always sounds like an amazing plan.

The best memories are made when exploring the great outdoors with your best buddies, until of course, the tiredness hits you and all you can think of is a comfy pub corner with a cold pint.

It isn’t just human hikers who suddenly want to swap their boots for slippers after finding themselves a little too far out in the wilderness.

Meet Kato, a five-year-old, 120-pound, Great Pyrenees who’d endured plenty enough walkies for one day, thank you very much:

A huge dog had to be carried down a mountain after it got tired.Evergreen Fire/Rescue/Twitter

The extremely fluffy fellow was out strolling with his humans on the Maxwell Falls trail, in Evergreen, Colorado when he became ‘exhausted’ and ‘most likely dehydrated.’

Kato’s two-legged companions became concerned about their cuddly giant, and wisely contacted Evergreen Fire/Rescue for help.

Find out about one woman’s dedication to her dogs below:

Evergreen Fire/Rescue made the following tweet about their heroic rescue, complete with pictures of them carrying the huge, sleepy dog back down the mountain:

Today’s EFR had a ‘patient’ on the Maxwell Falls trail who was exhausted and most likely dehydrated.

About 5 1/2 years old, 120 lbs and a fluffy Great Pyrenees named Kate [sic]. Good thing Kato’s humans reached out for assistance as they were about 1 mile away from the trail head.

People have fallen snout over tail for this endearingly dozy ‘dog horse’, who is basically all of us after a particularly gruelling boxcercise class.

One human felt she’d sussed him out, noting:

He does look like he would capitalize on any potential comfort options.

Another lovestruck homosapian remarked:

He looks like royalty being carried out in a caravan… as he should!

Others shared sweet stories and images of their own good boys and girls who ended up needing a helping paw, or four, during a walk.

One dog owner enthused:

I LOVE this! This is something my last Bulldog Diesel would do. Get overly tired and just lay down. Couldn’t budge him. But he was happy for me to carry him the last mile!

Another Friend of the Bear-dogs revealed:

Happened to my great pyrenees, Teddy, 5 years ago! Had to call the boys to come help even though they were an hour and a half away.

Had to hike 2 miles downhill to get Teddy, then we scooped him up and carried him 2 miles back up during a wicked thunderstorm. Love my boys!

We’ve all found ourselves in Kato’s hairy shoes at one time or another, whether it be the night out where all you want is to eat bed-pizza, or the well-intentioned morning run which leaves you weeping at your local park.

Well done to the Evergreen Fire/Rescue team for showing duvet-day-bound Kato such woof-ly kindness. A good boy such as this should never be left behind!

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