Vets Reveal Truth After Puppy ‘Died In Man’s Arms Because He Couldn’t Afford To Pay’

by : UNILAD on : 10 Aug 2017 16:34

A vets practice in Liverpool has hit back after a man accused them of turning him and his dying puppy away because he didn’t have enough money.


Podge Sweeney broke hearts nationwide as he told the story of how the puppy had died in his arms, after he’d repeatedly pressed the buzzer at the PDSA centre to no avail.

In an emotionally charged Facebook post, Podge spoke of how staff turned him away because he didn’t have the £119 required to treat the sick dog.

He also said they wouldn’t be swayed when he desperately offered them the only cash he had on him, the £35 that was in his pocket.

I took my sick puppy all the way down to the pdsa in page moss an they said they want £119 to treat him or a least £80…

Posted by Podge Sweeney on Saturday, 5 August 2017


However, after an investigation, both the PDSA and Vets Now have concluded no wrongdoing occurred, and have denied Podge’s narrative.

The story took a new turn when the two companies released the following statement to The Mirror Online:

All emergency cases reported to us last weekend were offered an immediate appointment to see a vet.

In this particular case, we believe that a relative of the owner contacted us regarding the puppy in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The PDSA and Vets Now had scheduled an emergency appointment, and Podge had been asked to visit the centre as soon as possible. However, he reportedly failed to keep this urgent appointment.


The centre apparently also made a follow-up phone call within two hours of the missed appointment, which was left unanswered.

A voicemail was then left, encouraging Podge to contact the centre:

During the original call, there was a discussion about veterinary costs, which would have applied.

We would never refuse to see a pet in an emergency if any resulting bill could not be paid in full at the time. (This message was repeated in the voicemail that was left.)

The owner did not attend the Pet Hospital following this call and no further contact was made with us that morning (or since).

The door entry buzzer was working correctly all weekend and we are confident that no-one was denied entry to our Pet Hospital.


The sad case continues to unfold…

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