Video Shows Heroic Dad Saving His Dog From Falling Off A Cliff

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 27 Aug 2021 16:05
Video Shows Heroic Dad Saving His Dog From Falling Off A CliffAlfred Reynolds/YouTube

A gobsmacking video has shown a heroic dog dad saving his furry friend from a steep cliff drop. 

The video is not for the faint-hearted and is sure to leave your heart falling to the pit of your stomach, clutching your own feline or doggo close to your chest, as you see just how close this dog was to a rather nasty fate.


Luckily, the dog’s owner got there in time, saving her from going rolling off into the cavernous depths.

Alfred To The Rescue (Alfred Reynolds/YouTube)Alfred Reynolds/ YouTube

In the video, the man, Alfred, and his dog, Roxy, can be seen enjoying a lovely sunny stroll along the cliffside. The grass is billowing in the wind, the sky is beaming, Roxy is enjoying a nice roll in the grass… before she then, having misjudged its rolling distance, nearly tumbles off the cliff into the rocky sea below.

However, Alfred, having caught sight of Roxy out of the corner of his eye, manages to run over and grab the animal just in time.


Alfred then collapses over the rescued Roxy after dragging her back to safety, clearly in sheer relief at the panic the furry companion just caused him. Roxy, however, continues to wag her tail as if it’s just another day at the beach.

Check out the video below: 

The post has since amassed over 68,400 votes, with Reddit users flooding to the comments in awe of the dog dad. One wrote: ‘Dude almost collapsing from the stress response next to the dog just wagging his tail – so real.’


Another commented: 

That could have killed it. My dog lily Gret Pyrenees fell of a cliff while hiking with my parents and didn’t make it. She was too big to carry her out so they buried her on the mountain under big rocks. I can still see her memorial through a telescope from my house.

A third said: ‘My guys need a smarter dog that’s not freely rolling off a cliff’.

Alfred To The Rescue (Alfred Reynolds/YouTube)Alfred Reynolds/YouTube

Roxy may have recovered quickly, but like Alfred, I am still in shock and will never be walking near a cliff ever again.

Frolicking around in the countryside is all fun and games as a dog until the wilderness wreaks its revenge and lures you to its edge.

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