Violinist Keeps Kitten In Bumbag While Practising

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 17 Oct 2020 15:30
Violinist Keeps Kitten In Bumbag While PractisingEsther Abrami/Facebook

A needy kitten wouldn’t let her owner practise playing the violin, so she created a cute way to keep her four-legged friend happy.

Esther Abrami is a professional violinist from France and recently fostered an adorable kitten named Rémila.


As music is her profession, Esther practises for several hours a day, which entails her standing up for long periods of time – much to Rémila’s dismay.

The kitten simply loves to sit on Esther’s lap, something she can’t do with her foster mum is playing violin, and so Rémila would cry next to Esther the whole time she’s playing.

Esther Abrami/Facebook

In a bid to keep Rémila happy and still be able to practise her music, Esther decided to wear a bumbag and put the tiny cat in it while she plays.


The videos are keeping people online happy, with one video of their violin practise hitting more than 8.3 million views on Facebook.

Speaking about Rémila’s neediness to The Dodo, Esther said:

I tried practising sitting down, and she’d lie down on my lap but I can’t always be practising sitting down.

I had the idea of having a little bag in which I could put her in and have around my waist. Never did I think she would absolutely love hanging in there!

See it for yourself here:


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Esther’s now able to practise without worrying about her foster kitten, and soon discovered that Rémila is quite the music fan herself.

She added, ‘I realised she absolutely loves music! I can literally practise for an hour without her moving from the bag. To know she enjoys my music has created a really special bond between us.’

Esther and Rémila’s relationship is the definition of wholesome.


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