Virginia Guy Squirts Cheese Whiz Onto Bald Head To Distract Dog While Clipping Nails

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Virginia Guy Squirts Canned Cheese Onto Bald Head To Distract Dog While Clipping NailsKennedy News and Media

Any dog owner could tell you there are some tasks that are near impossible without a bribe of some sort, whether that be food, toys, food… did I mention food already?

And while each pooch is different, there are certain snacks that prove to be successful each and every time. Peanut butter being one, eggs being another, and cheese – any kind of cheese – being the ultimate bribe.


Which is exactly why one man came up with the genius solution of squirting canned cheese onto his bald head as a way to distract his dog, Jax, while he clipped his nails – a task that would usually freak Jax out.

Check it out below:


Greg Lee, 41, was fed up of battling with the six-and-a-half stone Rhodesian Ridgeback every two weeks when the time came to clip his nails, so came up with a clever plan to distract him.


The 41-year-old, from Williamsburg, Virginia, turned to Cheese Whiz after peanut butter proved ‘too sticky’, and hasn’t looked back since. Now, one-year-old Jax happily licks the cheese off Greg’s head while he works his magic with the clippers.

Instead of getting scared by the noise of the electric trimmers as he usually would, Jax now focuses solely on licking the tasty treat off his dad’s head – only occasionally trying to pull away.

dog distracted by canned cheese while having nails clippedKennedy News and Media

As it can take around 20 minutes on average to trim Jax’s claws, Greg has had to recruit his daughter to stand over him and supply a constant stream of the canned cheese to keep the dog occupied.


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It hasn’t proved too difficult though, with Greg admitting Jax enjoys licking his head anyway, even without the cheese. ‘Jax often licks the sweat off my bald head – like a salt lick for dogs,’ he explained.

So where did the idea come from? Well, believe it or not, it all stemmed from a sarcastic suggestion by his daughter, with Greg explaining: ‘I was struggling with Jax and my oldest daughter was getting him a toy to soothe him and sarcastically said, ‘We should put Cheese Whiz on your head and let him lick it off’.’

dog distracted by canned cheese while having nails clippedKennedy News and Media

Greg explained:


Ridgeback nails grow quickly because they are meant to be outside runners, so I have to do it about every two weeks. At four weeks, grinding the nails is like the pedicure scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber.

Trimming a dog’s nails can be tedious. They are often scared of the clippers and the loud noise of the Dremel tool. To accustom the dog to trimming, you feed him treats while doing the trimming. Eventually, he will allow you to do it with no problem.

However, Jax is a 90lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback and they are known to be stubborn and very strong. They are also very food motivated, so this keeps him in one place and allows me to focus on one paw at a time.

dog distracted by canned cheese while having nails clippedKennedy News and Media

Basically, Greg’s happy, Jax is happy, and the whole family is happy. What more could you ask for?

What a good boy.


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