Watch This Shit Scary Footage Of A Tourist Nearly Getting Eaten By A Shark


A tourist nearly bit off more than he could chew when a Great White Shark slammed into the cage he was in while diving.

American Spencer Reilly was on honeymoon in South Africa and had decided to go cage diving off the coast of Gansbaai, about 160 kilometres south-east of Cape Town when he came face to face with the animal. In the footage the terrifying creature can be seen appearing through the murky water then flying towards the cage at top speed, before tearing ferociously at the bait – only inches away from Reilly’s arm.


Reilly can be heard to exclaim ‘Holy Shit!’ before surfacing and laughing and he posted the footage online after returning to his resort and later told Australian 9 News:

“That should not have happened really, they don’t like the shark to get too close to the cage but there was low visibility and the shark came at the bait extremely fast. It was not too scary because it happened so fast, and then it was pretty exhilarating.”

I suspect I would have been far too busy shitting myself to find it exhilarating.