Website Lets You Know If Dogs Die In Films So You Can Prepare The Tissues

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If you’re anything like me, you can probably sit and watch humans die in films time and time again, without even shedding a tear, but the moment a dog meets their maker it’s absolutely game over.

Anyone who’s ever sat through the sheer devastation that is Marley and Me, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, never again will you need to sit through a film unbeknown to the heartache that ensues, thanks to a website called ‘Does The Dog Die.’

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The handy little site is a tool which, just as the name would suggest, tells you whether the film includes any tragic dog deaths, allowing you to decide whether you can deal with the level of heartbreak the film is about to bring you.

All you have to do is search the title of the movie and it’ll tell you the fate of the pooch so you can decide whether the film is appropriate for its audience. For example, if you’re babysitting your sister’s three-year-old, A Dog’s Purpose might be a bit of a no-no.

It’s not just for dog lovers either, which means if you’re curious about Black Beauty, The Lion King or Bambi (spoiler alert: they’re all absolutely devastating) then you can find out just how upsetting they are.

Does The Dog Die

The website features up to 50 different categories of films, programmes and books to explore so you can be prepared on the level of heartbreak you can expect.

A perfect example would be if you searched for Hereditary, which is of course a horror, the website says yes, a dog does die, and other users have added notes, explaining how the death is not shown on screen.

The comment explains:

The camera briefly shows the aftermath (not bloody, just a small furry stillness) but if you’re not paying attention you could easily miss what it’s showing you.

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Never again will I put myself through through the heartache and devastation that comes with watching our beloved fury friends shuffle off this mortal coil in film or a series.

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