What The F*ck IS This Huge Creature Swimming In The Thames?

by : Tom Percival on : 06 Apr 2016 09:44

Something creepy’s been filmed in the River Thames, and no it’s not Boris Johnson taking an early morning swim. 


The disturbing footage appears to show a huge, mysterious creature ‘swimming’ through the river, quickly bobbing up out of the murky waters before ducking back down again, the Mirror reports.

Although even after ‘the beast’ dives back under the water, its shadow can still be seen at the bottom of the capital’s famous water way just next to the O2 arena in Greenwich, South East London.

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The brief video was filmed by a passenger on the Emirates Air Line, which passes right over the river giving skyline views of the city. It’s believed the footage first emerged on April Fool’s Day, so most viewers believed it was a hoax.


Now however, several people have speculated that the mystery creature could just be a lost sperm whale and it wouldn’t be the first time a whale’s been spotted in the River Thames.


A young female Northern bottlenose whale was found swimming in the river back in 2006 and was later, imaginatively, named the River Thames whale.

The whale’s discovery was the first time the species had been spotted in the river since records began in 1913, but she sadly died during a rescue mission.

Apparently a further 50 whales and 450 porpoises and dolphins have been spotted in the city’s waters in the years since. Let’s hope that whatever it is it doesn’t stay in the river for too long, that water’s not good for your health.

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