Wild Bear Caught Sniffing Woman’s Hair Has Been Caught And Castrated

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 Aug 2020 19:14
Wild Bear Caught Sniffing Woman's Hair Has Been Caught And CastratedWild Bear Caught Sniffing Woman's Hair Has Been Caught And CastratedRafaElorduy/Twitter

A bear that was caught sniffing a woman’s hair last month has been caught and castrated.

The original incident took place at Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico, and amazingly no one seemed to have been harmed – the woman whose hair was sniffed actually took a selfie with the young black bear.

In the video, which was taken by a passerby, the bear casually walked up to the young woman and began sniffing her legs. Staying completely calm, the woman stands still as the young bear stands on its hind legs proving to be around the same height as her.


Continuing to sniff her, the woman stays still but gently lifts her arm up to take a selfie of her and the bear.

See it for yourself here:

Despite the bear being described as ‘friendly’ and not causing any harm to the woman, he was recently caught and castrated, which has sparked outrage. He is also being moved to a different park.


The decision comes after there being other reports of the bear approaching people, however it isn’t believed anyone has been harmed by him.

The bear, nicknamed Chipi after the park he lived in, was captured by officials from the federal environmental protection agency (Profepa) after he was caught sleeping in someone’s garden and the owners of the home alerted them.


Veterinarians at the Autonomous University of Nuevo León checked it over and fitted it with a radio collar, as well as castrating it – something that is being investigated by Profepa, reported the BBCThe university has defended its actions, claiming to have discussed it with Profepa’s director-general for wildlife control.


Officials have also defended the reasons for moving the bear, stating that it had come accustomed to being fed by humans. They also claim to have castrated him to prevent him getting into fights with other bears once he is moved to his new home of the Nido mountain range in Chihuahua state.


Bears becoming accustomed to human food is described as a ‘death sentence’ for them. While Chipi has been castrated, a poor bear known as Huckleberry was euthanised in Canada, Vancouver. Similar to what Chipi experienced, people had used food to lure the bear to them for photo and video opportunities.

Hopefully after hearing about Chipi and Huckleberry, people will think twice about feeding bears human food.


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