Wild Horse With Incredible Markings Finally Rescued

by : Julia Banim on : 20 May 2020 16:20
Wild Horse With Incredible Markings Finally RescuedAmerican Wild Horse Campaign

A beautiful wild horse with unique markings has finally been rescued after being rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 2018.

The horse, named Cirrus, was among 846 wild horses that were rounded up by the BLM as part of their divisive attempt to restrict wild horse populations in the US.


Cirrus is everything you would imagine a wild horse to look like, but in addition she has markings on her side in the shape of a white horse. The markings even coincide with white patches in her dark mane, giving the illusion of two horses running together, side by side.

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A representative for the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) first spotted Cirrus while observing a group of four mustangs close to the city of Burns, Oregon.

AWHC communications director Grace Kuhn told The Dodo:


When he sent us the photos we were awestruck. It was extraordinary to see the likeness of a horse on her neck.

As she moved, the white markings of the horse moved with her, complete with a portion of white mane flying. It was something so beautiful and remarkable.

The AWHC is an organisation based in Davis, California, which aims to stop the federal government eliminating wild horses and burros from public lands to make room for taxpayer-subsidised livestock grazing.

According to the AWHC, the BLM uses helicopters to ‘brutally stampede, capture, and remove wild horses and burros by the thousands from Western public lands’. The horses that survive are then ‘stockpiled in government holding facilities’, while others are adopted or auctioned off. The program is apparently funded by ‘approximately 80 million taxpayer dollars’ annually.


When the AWHC team found out Cirrus had been taken, they knew they couldn’t let her suffer such a cruel fate, as Kuhn said:

Cirrus is symbolic of what is happening to America’s wild horses: the freedom, and the loss, the beauty, and the tragedy, all reflected in one horse.

Thankfully, the AWHC were able to join forces with Northern California-based wild horse sanctuary Montgomery Creek Ranch, to rescue her and give her a place to live in peace with other wild horses.

Montgomery Creek Ranch welcomed Cirrus to their fold in March, and have found her to be ‘calm and gentle’, although, she can reportedly express her opinion and get ‘a little snorty’ should something happen that she doesn’t care for.


Ellie Phipps Price, a staff member at the Montgomery Creek Ranch, said:

We believe that with her iconic markings, and overall presence, she could be an ambassador to help us better tell the story. Not just hers, but the story of what’s happening to America’s wild horses across the West.

According to the AWHC, there isn’t much evidence to show BLM management priorities were developed for the protection of wild horses and burros as had originally been intended by congress.


Indeed, the AWHC believes calculations used to establish population limits and roundup requirements are based on ranching and other commercial interests being given priority.

You can find out more about the issues affecting America’s wild horses through the American Wild Horse Campaign’s website

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