Wild Seals Are Being Shot In The UK So We Can Eat Salmon


Seals are being shot so supermarkets can stock salmon, it has been revealed.

Salmon farms in Scotland are run by independent companies who employ shooters to gun down grey seals. One of the companies, Marine Harvest, uses licensed marksmen to undertake the culls.

Waitrose, M&S and Sainsbury’s source salmon from Scottish farms in which seals are shot to stock their fridges.

Campaign Director at the Seal Protection Action Group, Andy Ottoway, announced that approximately 1,600 seals were reported shot over the last six years in Scottish waters.


He said:

The companies shooting the most seals are Marine Harvest Who supply Sainbury’s and Waitrose, and Scottish Sea Farms who supply MArks and Spencer.

There are fewer grey seals than African Elephants in the world, but because they are concentrated in UK waters, people believe that they are thriving.

I don’t think that the public knows that seals are being shot just so that they can eat salmon.

Ben Hadfield, managing director of Marine Harvest’s Scottish operation, told the Times:

If seals keep attacking the fish, then, like a farmer kills foxes, we shoot them.

Not exactly beating around the bush, is he?