Woman Accidentally Turns Cat Yellow After Using Turmeric To Treat Infection

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Woman Accidentally Turns Cat Yellow After Using Turmeric To Treat InfectionThammapa Supamas/Facebook

A cat in Thailand has had the misfortune of being turned yellow by its owner.

Facebook user and cat enthusiast Thammapa Supamas accidentally turned her pet the colour of Pikachu when she applied turmeric – a common treatment of a fungal infection – according to her Facebook posts.


As you can see, the cat has a usually distinct white colour, but an infected foot saw its owner carefully apply the Indian spice commonly used in Asian cuisine to it.

white catFacebook

However, to ensure the infection didn’t spread further she applied the coloured spice to the rest of the feline’s body as a precaution.

After experimenting with a turmeric scrub, there was one problem when it came to washing the distinct colour off: it wouldn’t.

yellow catThammapa Supamas/Facebook
yellow catThammapa Supamas/Facebook

After posting images of the mistake, the post, as well as the additional photos shared afterwards, all went viral, gaining thousands of likes, shares, and comments from people all over the world.

And in the name of being a good sport, Thammapa saw the funny side of some of the comments comparing her cat to the famous Pokemon character, Pikachu; she even promptly Photoshopped on some additional graphics so it looked the part.

pikachu catThammapa Supamas/Facebook

In case anyone’s worried, cats are allowed to ingest turmeric and are encouraged to for a number of beneficial health reasons. They’re allowed up to eight grams a day, any more and they can risk side effects such as abdominal bloating, nausea, and transient diarrhoea.

pikachu catThammapa Supamas/Facebook

However, it’s also used for cats that are fighting cancer, offers them arthritis support, and can be really beneficial when it comes to their digestion, applied to skin issues, and is reported to be helpful for cardiovascular health.

Pikachu catThammapa Supamas/Facebook

The good news? It seems the turmeric actually worked, as per the before and after photos… even if it did create a minor impurrfection.

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Thammapa Supamas/Facebook
  1. Thammapa Supamas/Facebook