Woman Attacked By Kangaroo Told It Was Because Of Her Perfume

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 04 Dec 2020 08:46
Woman Attacked By Kangaroo Told It Was Because Of Her 'Cheap And Nasty' Perfume9News

A jogger in Australia feared for her life when she was attacked by a kangaroo, and it turns out Sarah Jessica Parker could be behind it all.

Tracy Noonan was running in Melbourne, Australia, when a kangaroo began to follow her, before leaping at her back and knocking her down in the process.


Fearing she was going to be ‘clawed to death,’ the 35-year-old, who was left with scratches all down her back, leapt up and began throwing rocks in a bid to scare the animal off.

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Tracy recalls feeling ‘petrified’ and being ‘in a state of shock’ which left her questioning whether the attack had actually just happened.


‘I felt this massive bang in my back and I thought, I’ve just been beaten by a kangaroo,’ she told 9News.

In a desperate attempt to get away from the kangaroo, Tracy took refuge in a stranger’s nearby driveway, but the animal wanted more, and was waiting for the mum-of-two to come back out.

‘Thank goodness they were home and they had come out and scared it away. I actually sat with them for 20 minutes while I calmed down,’ Tracy said, adding, ‘The kangaroo was waiting for me’.


What provoked the random attack remains unclear, however the ranger who Tracy reported the kangaroo to had his own theory about what could have led to the bizarre incident.

The ranger told Tracy the roo could have been in heat, and potentially attracted to the perfume she was wearing at the time, which happened to be by Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

‘He seems to think it could possibly have been my perfume. It’s so funny because who wears perfume on a run? No one, but it was early in the morning and I was fumbling around for deodorant and that was all I could find, and I had sprayed perfume on myself,’ Tracy explained.

Woman Attacked By Kangaroo Told It Was Because Of Her 'Cheap And Nasty' Perfume9News

Speaking of her chosen scent, NYC by Sarah Jessica Parker, Tracy said: ‘It’s cheap and nasty, that’s why no one buys that perfume. It was a gift, I swear.’

When asked by reporters what she thinks attracted the kangaroo to her, she said: ‘Well, what’s not to love, to be honest.’

Here’s hoping she doesn’t accidentally attract anymore unwelcome and jumping suitors.

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