Woman Attempts What The Fluff Challenge, Goes Horribly Wrong


For the most part, our canine pals are notoriously clumsy and as such are able to make us laugh on an almost daily basis.

Whether it be when they’re a pup and their paws are too big for their body so they skip and skid everywhere, or when they are so bad at fetch that they make even myself look like a professional sportsperson (yeah, right).

Either way, they’re hilarious. But this time, it’s the dog’s owner who has everyone laughing when her attempt at the ‘What the Fluff’ challenge fails drastically.

The dog is waiting patiently in front of the blanket staring at his owner, wondering what’s going on. She then teases him, pulling the blanket up to hide her face and back down to show she’s still there.

Then comes the pièce de résistance. The next time she drops the blanket, she’s supposed to run through the door to her right, therefore hiding from her dog and confusing it.

Instead though, she misses and launches straight into the wall, smacking her face and body into it at quite some force. She falls to the floor laughing, as does the person holding the camera which pans to the floor.

To be fair, I was laughing out loud when I watched it – it reminds me of something I’d do and let’s be honest, what’s funnier than watching people making an idiot of themselves!

You can watch the moment it all goes wrong here:

The Ultimate What The Fluff Challenge Fail

This couldn't have gone much worse 😂😭

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, 1 October 2018

The poor dog doesn’t have a clue what’s going on and runs away, not bothering to stick around to see if it’s owner is okay.

Let me just take a step back from the hilarity and explain to you what this ‘What the Fluff’ challenge is (in case you’ve somehow managed to miss it!)

The viral trend started in June this year (2018), with pet owners around the world deciding to test their pets perceptions.

We know pets (especially dogs) can be quite needy and tend to follow us around the house all day, begging us either a.) to play with them or b.) for food. Which is why the premise for this challenge worked so well. The intention was to hide behind a blanket before dropping it and running away, giving the illusion that they had disappeared.

Clearly, the pets would then be concerned as to where their best friend had gone so would run around frantically trying to find them.

I would try it with my dog, but the reality of the situation would be that he’d probably eat the blanket before I even got the chance to hold it up.

When it works though, it’s the most wholesome thing ever. Take a look at some of the best ones here:

'What The Fluff' Challenge

People keep pranking their dogs with this 'magic trick' and it's hilarious. Here are our favourites so far 😂😂

Posted by UNILAD on Saturday, 23 June 2018

The way their little heads cock to one side before they leap into action is adorable. Some of them even look under the blanket as though they might have shrunk. My heart.

But then you get those where it goes wrong, and somehow it’s even more wholesome.

Check out this grandad’s attempt, who doesn’t quite manage to get out of the room in time:

Old Man Attempts 'What The Fluff' Challenge

"My grandad's attempt at the What The Fluff challenge went hilariously well" 😂😭

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 29 June 2018

Hilarious and adorable, what more could you want? And if you answered something other than ‘nothing’, you’re wrong. Just saying.

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