Woman Bitten By Spider While On Toilet Needed Two Operations

Lauren Boddy

A woman was hospitalised, needing two operations, after she was bitten by a spider as she sat on the toilet at her home in Reading.

Lauren Boddy said the spider also bit her ex-boyfriend’s testicles, and her son’s hand.

The whole saga started when the mum-of-four noticed a red spot on her leg while she was in her bathroom – the following day it had swollen and the 27-year-old was left in agony.

Lauren Boddy

Doctors at the Royal Berkshire Hospital prescribed her antibiotics and she went home but had to go back two days later and was put on a drip and needed surgery.

Lauren returned home and began recovering when a few weeks later, she said she was lying on her bed cuddling one of her children when she felt something on her back.

It was another bite so she returned to hospital and had to be operated on yet again.

Lauren Boddy

After returning home, Lauren eventually found the spider and trapped it under a glass. She believes it to be a Woodlouse Spider, which although can give a nasty, painful bite, is not venomous.

Lauren said she has now developed a fear – understandably – of spiders.

She told Metro:

They never used to bother me in the past but I am terrified now. Even if my children see one I have kill it.

When it was trapped, it kept on attacking the glass. It was quite aggressive.