Woman Buys Charity Shop ‘Trinket’, Only To Find That It Is Full Of Pet Ashes

by : Joe Harker on : 22 Dec 2021 15:32
Woman Buys Charity Shop 'Trinket', Only To Find That It Is Full Of Pet Ashes@GINATONIC/Twitter

When buying from charity shops it’s always a good idea to double check exactly what it is you’re walking away with.

What looks like a nice trinket or curio can be something else entirely, and you might end up getting a bit of a shock when you realise just what you’ve paid for.


One woman fell foul of this when she bought what she thought was a sugar bowl at the Headway charity shop in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, only to later discover it was not in fact a sugar bowl, but instead an urn filled with the ashes of somebody’s pet.

Gina Jones had been in the charity shop when a pair of matching pots with the words ‘Goblin’ and ‘Merlin’ written on them caught her eye, and she decided to buy the ‘Goblin’ one as she liked to buy ‘old bits of tat’, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The 28-year-old said she ‘thought it was a bit weird that it was sellotaped shut’, and once she’d got back to the car soon discovered there were ashes inside.


Gina said she thought the ashes probably belonged to a rodent like a rat or a gerbil given the amount of ashes and the fact they came as a pair.


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Charity shops do occasionally have to deal with finding ashes among some of the items donated to them over the years.

Twitter users suggested Gina return the urn to the charity shop, something she can’t do as she went there while on a day trip.


The Goblin urn is now at Gina’s home, though she plans to reunite it with the Merlin urn. That ought to be possible thanks to Twitter user @merseypeasant, who ended up buying it.

Hopefully the pair can be brought back together and this story ends with nobody getting cursed.

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Manchester Evening News
  1. Manchester Evening News

    Woman buys charity shop 'trinket' only to find it's an urn of pet's ASHES